Jim Dunfrund's "Surfwave" Radio Show Archives from the 80s to the early 2000s

Jim's show ran from 1976 – 2010

The radio show "Surf Wave" ran as a weekly one hour music and lifestyle show for over 28 years in Los Angeles on KXLU-FM 88.9

A very special thank you to Insect Surfer, Dave Arnson, for making this possible

Insect Surfer Dave Arnson's First Appearance on Surfwave, 1985

Surfwave 2-5-98

Surfwave 4-16-98

Surfwave 6-10-93

Surfwave 6-15-95

Surfwave 8-96

Surfwave Challengers Interview 10-20-94

Surfwave Chris Ashford 4-24-97

Surfwave Date Unknown 1

Surfwave Date Unknown 2

Surfwave Date Unknown 3

Surfwave Date Unknown 4

Surfwave Domenic Priore - Insect Surfer Dave - Dusty Watson

Surfwave Host Uncle Tim 5-8-97

Surfwave Insect Surfer Dave & Chris Ashford 6-29-95

Surfwave Insect Surfer Dave & Pooch 7-6-95

Surfwave Insect Surfer Dave 3-25-93

Surfwave Insect Surfer Dave 4-2-92

Surfwave Jim Rees 1-9-97

Surfwave Jim Thomas of the Mermen Interview at the Knitting Factory 10-12-00

Surfwave Jon & the Nightriders 8-15-96

Surfwave Live from the Malihini Lounge with Otto von Stroheim

Surfwave Mark Deaver 8-14-97

Surfwave Mike Palm & Japanese Surf Bands 11-10-94

Surfwave Neil Norman 10-3-96

Surfwave Neil Norman 12-8-94

Surfwave Otto von Stroheim 2-2-95

Surfwave Paula Pierce Memorial

Surfwave Peter Fonda Phone-In 11-3-94

Surfwave Randy Nauert of the Challengers Interview 11-16-95

Surfwave Ray Manzarek 1-29-98

Surfwave Rick Henn Carl Wilson Tribute 2-12-98

Surfwave Sexy Sounds of Surf with Edie 11-12-98

Surfwave The Boardwalkers Live 5-12-94

Surfwave The Halibuts Date Unknown

Surfwave Wally Wharton 8-1-96

Surfwave with Domenic Priore

Surfwave with John Van Hamersveld

Surfwave with Paul Johnson 9-14-95

Surfwave with Pooch 7-6-95

Surfwave with Slacktone Live 3-96

Surfwave with Spies Who Surf 1-20-94